Saving and Living Thriftfully

A Scout is Thrifty

Second Class (Requirement 8): Citizenship

Saving and Living Thriftfully

8c. With your parents or guardian, decide on an amount of money that you would like to earn, based on the cost of a specific item you would like to purchase. Develop a written plan to earn the amount agreed upon and follow that plan; it is acceptable to make changes to your plan along the way. Discuss any changes made to your original plan and whether you met your goal.

8d. At a minimum of three locations, compare the cost of the item for which you are saving to determine the best place to purchase it. After completing Second Class requirement 8c, decide if you will use the amount that you earned as originally intended, save all or part of it, or use it for another purpose.

Study Resources

Boy Scout Handbook, pages 14-15

Youtube Videos

On-line Places to Comparison Shop

Camping and Sports Clothing and Equipment: REI, EMS, Campmor, Dick's, Bass Pro, LL Bean, plus individual shoe, clothing, and equipment companies

Electronics: Best Buy, Newegg, Apple, Microsoftstore, Dell, Lenovo, HP, Samsung, Garmin

Musical Instruments: Guitar Center, Sam Ash Music Stores, Sweet Water

Building Supplies: Home Depot, Lowes, ACE Hardware, True Value

Books: Barnes and Noble, Amazon

Food (Try any grocery chain's website): Wegmans, Price Rite, Price Chopper, ALDI

For many the items above and almost anything else: Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target, Costco, BJ's

The Scout Law states that A Scout is Thrifty. The Scout Handbook goes on to say that Scouts work to pay their way and to help others. They save for the future. They protect and conserve natural resources. They are careful in their use of time, money, and property.

Paying your own way with money you have earned gives you independence and pride. Even if you only have a few dollars, you have enough to save a bit for the future and to share a bit with others -- although what you share doesn't have to be in cash. Volunteering your time and talent can be just as valuable as donating money.