Concern for the Environment

First Class (Requirement 9): Environment Concerns

Our Local Environment

9b. Investigate an environmental issue affecting your community. Share what you learned about that issue with your patrol or troop. Tell what, if anything, could be done by you or your community to address the concern.

Question: What can we do about any of these environmental issues in Onondaga County?

Community Development

Economic Development

Agriculture, Farmland, Watershed Protection

Green, New Urbanism, Smart Growth, Sustainability

Housing and Transportation

Hazard Mitigation/Species Protection

Parks and Open Space

Sewer and Water Quality/Infrastructure

Waste and Recycling

9c. On a Scouting or family outing, take note of the trash and garbage you produce. Before your next similar outing, decide how you can reduce, recycle, or repurpose what you take on that outing, and then put those plans into action. Compare your results.

Question: On an outing, what kind of trash could be eliminated even before you go?