Getting Ready to Eat - Cub Scout, Webelos, Tenderfoot, 2nd Class and 1st Class Cooking

Cub Scouts - Project Family Activity

3. Show your understanding of your duty to family by creating a chart of jobs that family members have at home Do three of the jobs and chart them (Click for Form) for two weeks.

4. Select a job that belongs to another family member and help the person complete it such as (1) creating a grocery shopping list for the week (2) taking out trash for a week (3) doing the laundry for your family one time (4) preparing meals for your family for one day, (5) yard work.

Webelos - Cast Iron Chef Adventure

Complete Requirements 1 and 2 below.

1. Plan a menu for a balanced meal for your den or family. Determine the budget for the meal. If possible, shop for the items on your menu. Stay within your budget.

2. Prepare a balanced meal for your den or family. If possible, use one of these methods for preparation of part of the meal: camp stove, Dutch oven, box oven, solar oven, open campfire, or charcoal grill. Demonstrate an understanding of food safety practices while preparing the meal.

Boy Scout Rank Requirements

Tenderfoot (Requirement 2 - Cooking)

2.a On the campout, assist in preparing one of the meals. Tell why it is important for each patrol member to share in meal preparation and cleanup. Scouter Rob Video (3.5 min)

2.b While on a campout, demonstrate the appropriate method of safely cleaning items used to prepare, serve, and eat a meal. Scouter Rob Video (3.5 min)

2.c Explain the importance of eating together as a patrol. Scouter Rob Video (1 min)

Second Class (Requirement 2 - Cooking and Tools)

2.e On one campout, plan and cook one hot breakfast or lunch, selecting foods from MyPlate or the current USDA nutritional model. Explain the importance of good nutrition. Demonstrate how to transport, store, and prepare the foods you selected. Scouter Rob Video (4 min)

First Class (Requirement 2 - Cooking)

2.a Help plan a menu for one of the above campouts that includes at least one breakfast, one lunch, and one dinner and that requires cooking at least two of the meals. Tell how the menu includes the foods from MyPlate or the current USDA nutritional model and how it meets nutritional needs for the planned activity or campout. Scouter Rob Video (5.5 min)

2.b Using the menu planned in First Class requirement 2a, make a list showing a budget and the food amounts needed to feed three or more youth. Secure the ingredients. Scouter Rob Video (4.5 min)

2.c Show which pans, utensils, and other gear will be needed to cook and serve these meals. Scouter Rob Video (3.5 min)

2.d Demonstrate the procedures to follow in the safe handling and storage of fresh meats, dairy products, eggs, vegetables, and other perishable food products. Show how to properly dispose of camp garbage, cans, plastic containers, and other rubbish. Deb Damboise Video (3 min)

2.e On one campout, serve as cook. Supervise your assistant(s) in using a stove or building a cooking fire. Prepare the breakfast, lunch, and dinner planned in First Class requirement 2a. Supervise the cleanup.

Try making a Foil/Hobo Dinner. Its a simple COVID Compliant Option for Outings

Foil/Hobo dinners are an easy way to assemble a meal, placing vegetables, potatoes and meat (if desired) inside a closed foil packet and placing it on coals in a wood fire to cook. Here are some links for sample recipes, but you can experiment yourself:

Girl Scouts - Foil Pack Ember Cooking (a whole bunch of recipes)