Cost of Participation in Scouting

Cost of Participation in Scouting

Troop operational expenses such as awards, campsite/cabin rentals, equipment acquisition and replacement, and camping and meeting supplies which are covered by dues and outside fund raising;

BSA and Longhouse Council registration, insurance, and resource fees.  These fees have increased significantly in recent years and account for 80% of this year’s dues which, paid annually, will be $200 for youth and $140 for adults broken out as follows.  (Please See note regarding fee discount)

One can also subscribe to Boy’s Life Magazine by adding $15 to the registration fee.  

The Troop and Pack understands that this can represent a significant outlay.  To help reduce the burden, the Troop will continue to cover the cost for any adult that so desires and will also help to defray the cost of youth participation when needed. 

Costs associated with camping trips:  food, transportation, venue fees (e.g. for rafting, climbing at a gym, cabin and campsite rental, visiting a museum or other site); and personal gear (e.g. clothing, backpack, sleeping bag).  Food and gas for an overnight trip, for example, typically range between $15 and $25. 

Uniforms:  This includes the official BSA tan shirt which costs between $35 and $50 depending on style (long vs short-sleeve), material (poplin vs micro-poly), and size (youth to extra-large adults); the Troop neckerchief ($5); and the Troop T-Shirt ($5) which serves as a Class-B Uniform.  The neckerchief and T-shirt can be purchased from  the Troop.  Also check to see if we have any "used" shirts for distribution.

Please Note 

The Troop, now chartered as a BSA Scouting in the City Unit,  qualifies for a significantly discounted national registration and local resource fee.  Please contact our scout leader Terry Richmond by phone at (315) 751-7690 or e-mail at for more information

Fund Raising:  Pecatonica River Popcorn

Because dues do not cover all of our program costs; the Troop has done additional fund raising to help cover the shortfall. Traditionally, the Council's Pecatonica River Popcorn sale has provided us with about $1,000 per year with proceeds being split roughly 1/3 to the Pack/Troop, 1/3 to our local Council and 1/3 for product cost. This year, we did not participate in the sale, but will in future years.