Getting Ready to go Camping

Be Prepared with the Right Gear


Tenderfoot Requirement 1a. Present yourself to your leader prepared for an overnight camping trip. Show the personal and camping gear you will use. Show the right way to pack and carry it.

First watch both videos below. They have slightly different takes and advice. Both are worth watching.

Next, go to ScoutLists and try making a list or two. The site prompts you to select various characteristics of the activity you plan to do (e.g. nature and duration, season, climate and topography, weather forecast) and then automatically generates equipment lists of needed personal and patrol gear. Note: Site no longer functions. For sample lists, See Troop 51 packing lists cited below.

Then, for extra credit, go to the Dan Beard Council' Scouting at Home video on Back Pack Fitting (3-4 Minutes)

Finally, look at Troop 51 Fayetteville's printable year round packing lists.