GPS and Weather

First Class (Requirement 4): Navigation

GPS Technology

4b Demonstrate how to use a handheld GPS unit, GPS app on a smartphone or other electronic navigation system. Find your current location, a destination of your choice, and the route you will take to get there. Follow that route to arrive at your destination.

GPS Study Resources

YouTube Videos

How GPS Works (10 min)

What is GPS (Short Article)

Optional Youtube GPS Videos (Much More Technical)

Question: On a family trip or scout outing, where have you used or would you use a GPS device to find your way?

FIrst Class (Requirement 5): Nature

Weather Hazards & Forecasting

5b Identify two ways to obtain a weather forecast. Explain why they are important

5c Describe at least three natural indicators of impending hazardous weather,

5d Describe extreme weather conditions you might encounter in the outdoors in your local geographic area.

Question: What kinds of weather hazards should we look out for in Central New York?